Vivek Maru Namati

Vivek Maru

Vivek believes we can advance social and environmental justice by deepening democracy. He started Namati in 2011 and since then, Namati and its partners have supported cadres of grassroots legal advocates—sometimes known as community paralegals—in ten countries. These advocates work with their communities to protect common lands, enforce environmental law, and secure basic rights to healthcare and citizenship. Globally, Namati convenes the Legal Empowerment Network, more than 2,500 groups and members from over 170 countries who are learning from one another and collaborating on common challenges. Vivek is co-author of Community Paralegals and the Pursuit of Justice (Cambridge University Press). Vivek is on the road a lot, but he has a home and family in Washington, DC. He tries to spend time in a forest or other natural place every week, wherever he is.


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