Richard Midkiff RSMCC Paralegal Consulting Company

Richard Midkiff

Richard is the President and CEO of RSMC, a paralegal consultancy company specializing in appellate, post-conviction matters, prison reform and re-entry. Richard was incarcerated for 24 years in Florida State prison and during his time became a senior law clerk, assisting hundreds of incarcerated individuals with their legal cases and created re-entry and leadership programs. He applied his legal skills to his own case and obtained a ruling that released him 15 years earlier than his original sentence. However an egregious decision from the Florida appellate court nearly sent back to prison. Justice advocates around the world rallied, urging the courts and policymakers to protect his freedom and recognize his deep commitment to the rights of the marginalized and disenfranchised. Richard is safely home and committed to fighting the good fight to help good people through tough times.


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