Jayshree Satpute Nazdeek

Jayshree Satpute

Recognized by UK’s The Guardian as one of the “World’s Top 100 Inspiring Women,” Jayshree is a human rights lawyer and co-founder of Nazdeek, a legal empowerment organization dedicated to bringing access to justice closer to marginalized communities in South Asia. Jayshree has extensive experience advocating at the Supreme Court of India and various High Courts. Her groundbreaking work has focused on the realization of socio-economic rights of marginalized groups in India through innovative grassroots legal education and strategic litigation. She has co-authored “The Right to Safe Motherhood Through Litigation: The Indian Story,” in the book Social and Economic Rights in Theory and Practice: A Critical Assessment, Routledge Press UK 2014 and co-edited the book “Refugee and Law 2nd Edition”, HRLN 2011.


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