Community Paralegals: The Power and Promise of Frontline Justice Advocates


Fatima Adamu, Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF

Jay Monteverde, Environmental Justice Director, Namati

Alejo Rodriguez, Director of Collaborative Advocacy, Zealous

Geovanni Gutierrez Vivar, Staff Supervisor Senior Paralegal, Immigrant Justice Corps

Moderator: Tyler Walton, Project Attorney, Bernstein Institute for Human Rights

In this session panelists will introduce the role and impact of “community paralegals” or frontline justice advocates, both here and around the world. The session will explore the ways community paralegals engage in the practice of law and challenge the legal profession’s monopoly of the law. Speakers will also reflect on the training and resources needed to develop agents of change within communities drawing from firsthand experience within environmental justice, immigrant rights and prisoners’ rights.

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