Challenges in Advancing Legal Empowerment in the US
10:45-12:05 PM


Rohan Pavuluri, Co-founder, Upsolve

Atieno Odhiambo, Director, Legal Empowerment Fund

Devon Simmons, Co-founder & Project Director, Paralegal Pathways Initiative, Columbia Law

David Udell, Executive Director, National Access to Justice Center, Fordham Law

Moderator: Emese Ilyes, Critical Social Psychologist, PAR Research Consultant NYU Law Bernstein Institute for Human Rights

This panel will explore what’s needed to move forward with a robust critical legal empowerment methodology in the United States. Speakers will discuss current efforts to reform the regulation of legal practice (unauthorized practice of law), secure increased financing and support for legal empowerment programs, and a need for the legal profession to recognize community advocates as essential members of the legal ecosystem.

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